What we offer

Bird of Prey Encounter (10.30-12.00)                                                                              £30 per person (for multiple bookings, prices are: £55 for 2 people, £80 for three and £105 for four people)

An opportunity to meet, hold and learn about all our birds from the smallest to the largest. Bring your camera for a memorable occasion.

Bird of Prey Experience  (14.00-16.00)                                                                           £40 per person (for multiple bookings, prices are: £75 for 2 people, £105 for three and £130 for four people)      

Lasting approximately 2 hours, we offer you the chance to handle, fly and learn about a selection of Britains most well known raptors including Eric the Buzzard, Bo the Kestrel, Thomas the Tawny owl and Madge the Barn owl in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Family Bird of Prey Encounter  (10.30-11.30)                                                               £45 per family


This is for families with younger children to come meet and handle some of our birds. Lasts approximately one hour. A perfect opportunity for children to learn about birds of prey

Bird-a-gram £15 + 25p/mile

Give a family member, friend or colleague the chance to have a surprise close encounter with a bird of prey!                                                                                                 In our Bird-a-gram service we bring a bird of your choice to yourself or the person of your choice to meet and hold for a truly memorable experience. Whether its a birthday, an anniversay or just a  thank-you, if you order a Bird-a-gram, we will turn up with a bird and present a card on your behalf. We can also supply a mounted photo of the experience to you and the recipient for an extra £8

Talks (Price on application)

If you would like to learn more about birds of prey whether itís just owls or a mixture of owls and birds of prey we can come along with a selection of birds. Perfect for community groups including nursing homes, day centres, schools etc.

Static Displays (Price on application)

We can supply a static display of British birds of prey for your school fair/fete etc. Please ring with your requirements.


Should you want to buy someone a gift, we can send out gift vouchers for any of the activities above.


* All our encounters and experiences are based on a maximum of four people attending: you may therefore find yourself sharing your session with other guests. Exclusive appointments can be arranged for a £10 surcharge.

* Children must be over the age of 10 to undertake a Bird of Prey Experience.

* Children under 16 to be accompanied by an adult.

* In certain circumstances (e.g. extreme weather conditions) the dates or times of your booking may have to be changed. We reserve the right to do this.

* I reserve the right to terminate a bird experience/encounter should I feel a persons behaviour is detrimental to the birds welfare.

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